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How To Find the Right Furniture and Upholstery Manufacturer in Vietnam

Gorgeous Harold Sofa
Gorgeous Harold Sofa


The Vietnamese furniture industry has attracted an array of factories and companies producing various types of products and exporting to countries abroad. But navigating a sea of foreign manufacturers can be extremely frustrating and challenging. To give you an edge over your competitors, we have put together a few tips you can follow while searching for a furniture supplier in Vietnam.

Setting the Right Expectations

Before the search, you must take a realistic appraisal of the market and level of demand for your products. If you plan on selling via a retail outlet, analyze your target customers and see if the potential manufacturers are already selling a range of furniture similar to what you are planning on producing. You will want to determine whether or not there is sufficient demand for the type of furniture you want to manufacture. If you are an interior designer or a reseller, pick two or three sources for your indoor/outdoor furniture needs, and stick with these manufacturers and importers when possible.

Finding out the exact location of the factory should be your priority. When visiting a furniture showroom, come with a list of questions addressing your needs and a checklist of requirements.

When looking for a suitable manufacturer for your furniture, you must research the background of the business to protect yourself from scams. Read online reviews and ensure that the manufacturer is legit. Ask the prospective furniture manufacturer if you can use a third-party inspector to verify the products before paying for them. Another good question to ask your prospective wholesale furniture supplier is if they are allowed to do samples. Samples can help give you a better sense of their work style and what the final products will look like when you place an order with them.

Below we provide a list of common questions to ask your vendor so you can have the information needed to feel confident about your next purchase.

  1. What kind of experience do you have in the industry? Do you have experience working with a company of our size in a similar market?

  2. Do you provide custom orders?

  3. How long is the average lead time?

  4. How much is the estimated shipping cost to my location?

  5. What are the costs and fees? Are there available discounts?

  6. What payment options do you offer?

  7. What is your defect policy?

  8. Can you offer me exclusivity?

  9. Do you commit to sustainable sourcing?

  10. What support do you provide after my order?

Last but not least, you must factor in the expense of buying furniture in a new country. To figure out what it would cost you to replace furniture once you have moved, you could look up some of your new country's more popular online shopping websites, post a request in expat forums, and so on. In some parts of the world, it can be challenging to find the specific types or get pieces of furniture that are of a similar quality as the one you want. Vietnam is no exception, so market research is a must. Many Vietnamese manufacturers specialize in certain types of furniture or upholstery, such as traditional bamboo furniture or modern leather sofas. It is critical to ensure that the supplier can produce the furniture or upholstery that suits your business.

Meeting the Manufacturer

If you are interested in purchasing furniture or upholstery from a Vietnamese manufacturer, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is advantageous to find a reputable supplier with experience in the industry. The supplier should be able to provide samples of their work along with a list of references.

If you are flying in to visit a timber manufacturer and a furniture maker, the easiest way is by plane, with a car rental and driver for your factory tour. If you cannot physically be in Vietnam to find a furniture supplier, the next best alternative is to work with a reputable trading company. A trading company allows you to deal with furniture suppliers in Vietnam while only having a handful of employees on-site doing most of the work.

Another approach is to attend trade shows. One of the popular options is the Vietnam International Furniture and Home Accessories Expo, also known as the VIFA Expo. The fair has an enormous focus on furniture and household accessories and will showcase not only finished products but also newer production techniques and innovations. You can find more information about VIFA EXPO 2022 HERE.

Ensuring Top-notch Quality

Finally, you will need to determine the quality and craftsmanship of the furniture or upholstery before making a purchase. The quality of Vietnamese furniture and upholstery is generally good, thanks to high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. However, some suppliers unfortunately do not adhere to the required standards. It is crucial to inspect the product samples carefully and ask the supplier to provide a quality certificate. Many importers also opt-in with a local QA firm, which goes into factories and inspects the furniture before shipping.

At Allingham Home, every piece is quality control-checked at each stage of production and is manufactured according to international standards. Our Quality Assurance team also performs 100% quality checks on form and function to ensure that all our furniture meets our high standards.


Vietnam is one of the largest manufacturing and exporting countries of furniture. In general, market research is essential in selecting a reliable manufacturer. You can ask your furniture vendor questions in the initial stage to get an overall idea about how things are going and whether working with them is a good idea. Also, quality must be your first concern when working with furniture suppliers. Therefore, remember to test each product sample to confirm that they meet your business needs and requirements.

If you are not sure where to begin, contact Allingham Home today! We design and develop the highest quality furniture at the most reasonable prices. We can do this because we are on the ground in Asia with an extensive network of suppliers.


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