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How To Test And Evaluate The Quality Of Upholstered Furniture

The newest addition to Allingham's collection of comfortable, stylish and livable sofas.


Upholstery is the materials such as fabrics, padding, webbing, and springs that form the cushioned surfaces on chairs, couches, and other furniture. The quality of the frame, suspension, cushions, and upholstery separates the couch that lasts for 10 or 20 years from one that starts wobbling or looking worn down in just a few years. When receiving samples from manufacturers, it is critical that retailers thoroughly examine the quality of the furniture.

Judge the Fabric

When buying a couch or chair, the cover fabric is the first element to pay attention to, as this is what customers will look at for years after the purchase. The fabric type is just as crucial in determining how well-made a couch is. Check to see if the fabric and color are the same as the ones you requested from the manufacturers.

Test Durability

One of the most defining features of a quality piece of upholstered furniture is its structure. Unlike wooden counterparts, it may be harder to distinguish a quality piece of upholstered furniture, as the structure usually hides from view under the covering.

How long the sofa lasts and keeps its shape depends heavily on the frame, and the high-quality pieces will always have one that is well-built and sturdy. The various elements of the couch — the frame, springs, and the cushioning of the couch seat — dictate the level of comfort and its ability to maintain shape and stability over time. You should always check a couch's support quality by sitting on the sofa before buying.

Feel the Cushion

Quality cushions enhance both appearance and the comfort of your upholstery and significantly decrease the amount of wear. Each seat or back cushion should be covered by an upholstered with ticking or a non-woven wrap under the Dacron wrap. Spend a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes sitting on the couch or chair to see how comfortable it is. If the furniture item has removable seat cushions, pull them out and check the inside.

To inspect the cushions, look for any rough edges in the foam that peek through the fabric. Higher-quality cushions have a ticking system that protects against down penetration beneath the cover fabric, so the feathers do not show through.


Several factors help differentiate the quality; for instance, the overall weight, the frame/base, the spring systems, the seat cushion foam, and the upholstery fabric play significant roles in how well-constructed your couch or chair is.

Overall, quality does not come cheap, but a high-quality couch will remain more comfortable and maintain its look longer. To uphold customer satisfaction, retailers must carefully inspect the quality of the manufactured samples.

At Allingham Home, every piece is quality control-checked at each stage of production and is manufactured according to international standards. Our Quality Assurance team also performs 100% quality checks on form and function to ensure that all our furniture meets our high standards. If your company is searching for a trustworthy manufacturer that can deliver top-tier products, please contact us to see what Allingham Home can offer.


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