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Popular Upholstery Colors And Trends In 2022

Comfortable Sofa


From how we live in our homes to the overall looks, a few sweeping trends are here to stay in 2022. When it comes to trendy furniture and home decor, it seems that interior design follows the footsteps of fashion apparel and accessories. Much like what we saw on New York Fashion Weeks runway, the trendiest furniture colors of 2022 are bright and bold. Below you will see some of our favorite pieces from Allingham, all aligning with the furniture style of this year.


While comfort has always been a critical component in high-quality upholstered furniture, with the pandemic forcing consumers to spend much more time in their homes, comfortable and flexible seating options are becoming an even greater priority. As consumers continue to upgrade their living spaces, a lot of focus is on furnishings and home decor that can provide both comfort and beauty.

Yoko chair
Yoko chair

Natural Materials

Natural materials have never truly gone out of style and have been growing in popularity over the last decade, making them one of our favorite interior design trends in 2022. Our newest collection may just be helping more of our customers capitalize on this popular interior design trend.


Some of the 2022 home decor fashion may inspire you to make changes to your choice of variations like sage green or chartreuse. Another popular styling trend emerging from contemporary design is the color Blue, which traces back to the classic Shaker style through to chic, minimalist spaces. On the other hand, as a funky focal point of any room, Rust Orange keeps turning heads, and it is a hot color for furniture trends in 2022. This color can also complement other shades (it pairs nicely with a pink tone, for example), making it a compelling option to feature in your showroom. Also, jewel-toned pieces —think rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, and a dash of golden hues— are becoming more popular by the day.

Scarlet Sofa
Scarlet Sofa


As minimalistic, modern mid-century styles fade into the background, we see many more decorative touches such as vases and trimmings in 2022, according to interior designer Arielle Okin. Modern themes such as asymmetric shapes, big geometric prints, and drawings on furniture are the trend for fashion and interiors in 2022. Designers create unique pieces of upholstery with an emphasis on signature details like tacks of gold, pieces of upholstery that have wooden backings or soft curved lines. Because of their innovative styles and designs, curved furniture is one of the favorite furniture trends this year. One great example of this trend is the frequent appearance of the cocoon shapes in upholstered production.

Consumers also show interest in multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans, beds with places for storing things or storage boxes, tables with shelves above them, or tables that can transform themselves to various shapes or heights. People who live in an apartment and small spaces seek out transportable, lightweight furniture.



The quest for comfort and stability drove many of our decorating and design choices in 2022. Ultimately, comfort is a continuing trend with a greater focus on warmer colors and textures as well as natural materials. While neutrals still rule, bold colors make big waves in interior design this year. These trends represent opportunities for retailers to satisfy customer demand by incorporating new pieces into the showroom.

If you would like to see more products from Allingham Home, please check out our collection HERE.


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